From Scrubbing for Charity to Sparkling Homes

Hi there, I’m Nellie Otenyo, the proud founder of Nelly’s Cleaning Service, right here in the heart of Maastricht. Let me take you back over a decade to where it all began, fueled by my passion for cleanliness and my desire to make a difference.

Back when I was a student in the Netherlands, I found myself looking for ways to support charitable projects back home in Kenya. Cleaning homes and offices became my unexpected avenue for fundraising, and I found myself sending every penny earned back to support causes close to my heart.

Using platforms like Facebook, I connected with families and businesses who appreciated not just a clean space, but also the opportunity to contribute to something meaningful. Little did I know, these humble beginnings would lay the groundwork for what would eventually become Nelly’s Cleaning Service.

As I scrubbed and polished my way through university, I began to notice something intriguing: a growing demand for reliable, professional cleaning services right here in Maastricht. Families I worked with started asking for regular cleaning schedules and dependable coverage when I wasn’t available. That got me thinking—maybe this could be more than just a way to fund my studies.

And so, Nelly’s Cleaning Service was born, born from a simple desire to make a difference and provide top-notch cleaning services to the wonderful community here in Maastricht. From dusty desks to sparkling homes, it’s been quite the journey, and I’m so grateful to everyone who’s been a part of it.

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